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Help me get rid of this stuff... - Building Something out of Nothing

About Help me get rid of this stuff...

Previous Entry Help me get rid of this stuff... Mar. 27th, 2007 @ 02:33 pm Next Entry
Hi, my husband (an electrician and pack rat extraordinare) has stored in his garage hundreds of 15A and 20A duplex receptacles.  We have over 200 of each color: ivory, grey, and brown.  They are primarily spec grade Pass & Seymour and Hubbel, and not all of them come with mounting screws.  They are all in good used condition and he wants me to post them on eBay.  Now, being that we have so many of them, I suggested I post in here instead to see if anyone needs any larger lots of receptacles for projects (garages, barns, basements, etc).  We would be asking 25 cents for the 15A receptacles and 50 cents for the 20A receptacles.  Shipping would be calculated by weight and location.  We would only charge actual shipping costs - no mark ups.  I'd like to avoid all the eBay work involved and the fees incurred by posting these, so would anyone like to take some off our hands?  If you contact me (cimmerayn@hotmail.com), it would be first-come, first-serve as far as if you'd prefer a particular brand, amperage, and color.  I am pretty quick to respond to emails, and I would ship immediately.  I just want these out of our garage!  Payment by Paypal would be preferred.

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